The Glasses Store

The Glasses Store: Your Partner in Visual Success

At Center for Sight, we're incredibly proud of the reputation we've built over the last 35 years as the leading eye care center in and around the Pensacola, Florida area. Our glasses store offers a wide range of different frames for you to choose from depending on your needs and style.

We also have a full-service lab with one-hour capabilities for your convenience, staffed with a passionate team of Board-certified ophthalmologists and experienced optometrists for your protection. Not only do we proudly offer glasses in any style for any budget, but eyewear designed specifically for children is also available for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Our Lenses

As a Hoya authorized dealer, we offer a complete range of single vision, multifocal and bifocal lenses to suit your lifestyle preferences and vision needs. Other lenses are also available and are designed to offer more personalized levels of correction - be sure to ask your optometrist for more information.

Caring for Your Eyewear: Breaking Things Down

Taking care of your eyewear is about more than just protecting your investment - it's also about protecting your long-term vision. Always be sure to get your eyes examined regularly by a professional to make sure that you're wearing the correct prescription at all times.

You can avoid getting scratches on the lenses by always using the proper cleaning solution (stay away from harsh chemicals) matched with a clean, microfiber cloth. Never attempt to clean your lenses with harsh materials like a paper towel or even the shirt that you're wearing. It may be convenient, but it's also very easy to do damage that will ultimately harm your vision.

How Do You Care For Contact Lenses?

Before you handle your contact lenses in any way, be sure to wash and rinse your hands completely and dry them on a lint-free towel. Always make sure that you're using the right type of solution to store your lenses, especially when you go to sleep each night.

Always follow your doctor's directions when wearing contact lenses and only keep each set for as long as you've been told. Never wear someone else's lenses - especially if they've already been worn - and above all else, don't sleep in your contacts unless you've purchased a special pair of extended-wear contacts designed for that purpose.

Never, under any circumstances, put a contact lens in your mouth to rinse it. Rinse each lens every time you use it and if you don't have a sterile solution available, be sure to use only hot tap water and let them air dry.

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